Welcome to Help Scott Jones, a website about the fundraising efforts underway to help Scott and his family during his recovery from a traumatic brain injury.  The purpose of this event is twofold, first to raise funds for the health and nursing care of Scott Jones, and second to celebrate the music of Scott Jones both during the period when he lived in Wilmington, NC, from the mid 1980s until mid 2004, and during the period since when he has lived in San Francisco.

Scott is a talented carpenter, artist in wood and furniture design, and musician who suffers from traumatic brain injury which occurred in March of 2012, when Scott slipped on the stairs at his home, fell backwards, and landed head first, striking the back of his head on the concrete landing at the bottom of the stairs.  His skull was broken in three places and he suffered a traumatic brain injury, and at the hospital a section of his skull was removed to accommodate swelling, and subsequently replaced with prosthetic bone, and now, after multiple brain surgeries, Scott’s health insurance coverage for in-patient care has been exhausted before he was ready to come home, and the remaining health insurance coverage does not include the 24/7 supervision and nursing care which Scott needs in order to survive to a point where his ongoing therapy and recovery will enable him to care for and make decisions for himself, and eventually to work, and play music again.   Friends of Scott, his wife Jennifer Godbold, and their three year old son, Floyd, have joined together to host these events to try to meet some of that need.

The pages of this website provide information about donations to the Silent Auction which will be held at the event, and about the entertainment which will be provided at the event, and opportunity for direct donation for those unable to donate silent auction items, attend the event, or just wanting to do more to help, as well as more detailed information about Scott and his family.